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Find the best erotic sounds for your sexual fantasies

Welcome to our Explore page! Here you can find the most beautiful, craziest and impossible places to have sex. You will be amazed at the extraordinary places on Radiostim. Just choose a place and listen to the erotic sex sounds it has to offer. To help you find your way around, we have divided the places into different categories. Click through and choose the erotic places that turn you on the most. Ready?

The most popular sex places in the community

Erotic fantasies know absolutely no bounds. From soft to hard sex, from straight to gay sex, from couple to group sex, from private to public sex and from real sex places to fantasy sex places: Sexual fantasies and preferences are as diverse as the Radiostim community itself. Have a look at our Popular Places to find out which places are currently trending. In other words, which ambient and sex sounds do Radiostim users listen to the most right now. The places that show up there change from time to time. You should have a look every now and then. There is always something new to discover here.

The real thrill: Sex in public

Many people dream of having sex in a public place one day. Only a few actually dare to try it. For those who are not daring enough, we offer some very stimulating sounds from pretty nice public places: How about sex in an elevator, for example? Going up and down while giving in to your lust will get you really hot! Or how about sex in the mall? Where most people just go shopping, others get naked - oh la la! There are many more variants of sex in public available, and pretty crazy ones as well. Check the Explore page and pick a public place that is your favorite!

Funny places where nobody would have sex

Why not dream of an erotic adventure that can hardly be realized in reality? A very popular example is sex in a UFO. Whether an alien is involved or not is up to you. Pudding sex is also quite nice. Imagine two lovers rolling around in the finest raspberry pudding and loving each other until they reach orgasm. That sounds funny as hell, doesn’t it? Explore Ain’t That Funny for even more fun!

Money makes the sex go round

Have you ever dreamed of being incredibly rich and having sex on a big pile of money? The bills rustle with every single movement and get wet from the sweat of naked bodies... When you are done, how about spending your stained money during a trip to Las Vegas? Casinos are not only made for gambling, you know? Bluntly having sex in a heavily frequented casino is an amazing experience! Check out Vegas, baby! for even more Las Vegas related sex, places and erotic audio!

Lovemaking in scary places? Why not!

Some people love scary stuff that turns them on. If you are one of them, Creepy Madness is just the right thing for you. Imagine the apocalypse is approaching. You have found shelter with others in a bunker. Instead of giving up, you decide to enjoy your last hours to the fullest, so you turn the bunker into a temple of lust - amazing! Or let’s say you are watching some horror flick at the movies. While most viewers sit there frozen in fear, a young couple in the back rows is fucking each other. Shush! Let's not disturb the two of them but explore all the eerie places of Creepy Madness!

Free places to have sex

If you are not sure if you should sign up for a Radiostim PREMIUM membership yet, simply start with our free erotic places. There you have full access to all sex sounds, even without a PREMIUM membership. With our selected free places you can dive into the erotic love plays of couples and let your sexual fantasies run wild as well. A tingling experience for the senses!

What sensual voices turn you on the most?

We know that the voices of sexually active men and women decide whether their moans turn you on or not. Some listeners prefer deep voices from mature women and men. Others prefer higher voices which they associate with youth and sexual inexperience. Because voices are so important, you can filter all our sex sounds by the artists who provided them. Next to each erotic track you see the names of the artists who were involved. Simply select your preferred artists in the filters to only hear their tracks - and thus the voices that stimulate you the most.

The hottest sounds for every sexual orientation

Whether you prefer straight sex or gay sex, hard sex or soft sex: our filters offer you the possibility to find exactly the tracks that make you horny:

  • Intensity: How intense do you want the sex sounds to be? Choose between hard, medium and soft.
  • Orientation: What is your sexual orientation when it comes to sex noises? Choose between straight, gay, lesbian, group and orgy (not all options might be available yet).
  • Artist: How must the timbre of a voice be to make you horny? Pick the artists whose moans stimulate you the most.

Choosing your preferred intensity, sexual orientation and artist allows you to adjust your listening experience to your erotic preferences. It's really quite simple.

Your advantages of Radiostim PREMIUM

With our PREMIUM membership you have unlimited access to all the sex noises and places that are available on Radiostim. You can listen to all erotic sounds as often and as long as you want. Currently 5339 hot sounds and 61 stimulating places are waiting for you. All this beautiful audio content will truly boost your sexual fantasies. Try Radiostim PREMIUM today!