5 Great Places To Have Sex In Springtime

Spring is coming back! Do you already feel all the butterflies in your stomach? They flutter around and whisper to you: "In spring the world awakens and everyone has sex. A lot of sex!" Butterflies always tell the truth.

No question, in springtime, people's butterflies go crazy. They make people go into nature, travel, visit wonderful places, and - most importantly - have sex.

For all nature lovers out there we have put together a nice collection of the most popular places where outdoor sex becomes a wonderful experience. And for those who have not dared to have sex in nature, yet, our sex sounds will let you imagine what it would be like if you tried at least once.

1. Size matters: Sex in a forest

Couples who have sex between tall trees often perceive this sex as an extraordinary experience. Forests seem to sexually stimulate people in a very special way. No wonder that the wish to have sex in a forest is expressed very often. Imagine, you're talking a walk in a beautiful forest. Suddenly a person appears between the trees. She looks really good, she is naked and she waves to you. Now you decide what could happen next...

1 Tracks 5 minutes


Be Blu & Crazy Kev

Straight Couple

2. Fresh and wet: Sex under a waterfall

Imagine you're going on an adventure trip. It's hot and humid outside. Suddenly you discover a lonely waterfall. Since you are completely sweaty, you undress and jump into the cool water. Ice cold water flows over your head and body. It feels incredibly good. Then you realize you are not alone: There's someone else standing naked under the waterfall just 20 meters away. Your eyes meet. Maybe you both want to enjoy more than just some refreshment today?

1 Tracks 4 minutes


EmmaM. & Malex69

Straight Couple

3. Half in, half out: Sex in a beach cave

Many people dream of having sex on a public beach. However, doing it is pretty risky! The danger of getting caught is high. So how about a small, inconspicuous cave on the beach? From inside, you and your partner would hear the sea, the waves and the voices of other beach-goers - but nobody would see you getting naked. You would be all alone and could do whatever you want...

1 Tracks 5 minutes

Beach Cave

MaryLou4u & Call_me_Jay

Straight Couple

4. Close to the climax: Sex in a mountain cabin

High up in the mountains you will find huts and cabins that offer shelter to hikers. They are often small, warm and cosy. In other words: They are perfect love nests! In these mountain cabins you are very close to heaven - and also to your sexual climax when you go wild with each other in all positions.

1 Tracks 5 minutes

Mountain Cabin

CamillaLove & Adams_Eve

Straight Couple

5. They hear everything: Sex in a tent

Having sex in a tent is particularly delightful. There are no thick walls to dampen your moans. Anyone lying around you in their tents could hear you screaming loud with pleasure. Do you dare to indulge in your lust in a tent?

1 Tracks 5 minutes


Piri & Crazy Kev

Straight Couple

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