10 Tips On How To Turn Your Kitchen Into A Sex Temple

We all know: Love goes through the stomach. When you love someone, you should surprise him or her every now and then with a magical menu. It's best to cook it yourself with fresh ingredients. Because love and good food simply belong together.

Of course, if you have a lot of sex, you are more than welcome to eat a lot as well. All the better if the distances between the place where you have sex and the fridge are short. If you suddenly get hungry, just take a few steps and you've got all the culinary supplies you need: a tasty sandwich, a pot of noodles, a spicy steak... all within easy reach! Treat yourselves to a tasty snack - and you're ready to move on!

So is there really a better place to have sex than your own kitchen table? We believe not. The kitchen table is often right in the middle of the kitchen - perfect for quickly getting to the fridge or stove. In addition, most kitchen tables offer enough space for any sex position you can think of. And almost every kitchen table is stable enough to withstand any sex intensity (well, at least it should).

But it takes more than a large, stable and centrally located table to turn your kitchen into a sex temple. Here are the 10 best tips to watch out for:

1. Choose the right light mood

If it is only to be quick, short sex, you might want to go with simple bright light. But if you want it to be really romantic and take your time with your partner, perhaps you should think about whether candles might be a good choice.

2. Play the right music

Hard electric guitar riffs from Rammstein are ideal for anyone who likes rough, dirty sex. If you prefer it more gentle and tender, however, you should rely on Ed Sheeran or some other cuddly musician.

3. Keep windows open or closed

This is a question of attitude: Open windows have the advantage that they provide fresh air while you have sex. However, they also have the big disadvantage that other people might hear your moans outside. So how would you decide?

4. Always clear away knives and forks!

Sharp blades and other sharp stuff can hurt a lot. Having them nearby may be relevant for masochists, but we wouldn't recommend it!

5. Drinking is really important

Passionate sex is like sports: You have to compensate for the loss of sweat by drinking a lot. We recommend that you keep a large bottle of water handy. But even a sip of wine or beer won't hurt if you guys fuck your brains out of your heads!

6. Kitchen towels - just in case

If you make a mess that you have to wipe away quickly, the kitchen towel is your best friend. Also, you can lash your partner with it, if you want to.

7. Place a blanket over the edges of your table

The edge of a table can be quite painful over time if you constantly bump against it during sex. A blanket or a thick piece of cloth will help you avoid bruises - and so let you still look good afterwards.

8. Have a chair ready

Sex on the kitchen table can be so much better if you have room for extraordinary sex positions. With a chair to sit, squat or stand, there are almost no limits to your sexual creativity. Give it a try!

9. Food porn for pros

You're having sex in the kitchen. This is great. Do you want to go a step further? Start rubbing food on your partner's body and lick it off - or vice versa. It's a lot of fun, believe us!

10. Record your kitchen sex sounds

Recording yourself while having sex is so awesome. It doesn't have to be a video - just record your moaning sounds! The next time you listen to them, try to remember every single sex position you guys went through, or let your imagination run wild. In any case the sounds will truly stimulate you!

Do you want to try it right now? Listen to these amazing kitchen table sex sounds:

4 Tracks 22 minutes

Kitchen Table

Barbielicious & Crazy Kev

Straight Couple
Kitchen Table

RamoSvamo & SteveS

Straight Couple
Kitchen Table

Sel & Talonimus

Straight Couple
Kitchen Table

Lady Soura & Geraldino

Straight Couple

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