How to use Radiostim

Relax in a hammock

Relax yourself

Lean back. Put up your feet. Then close your eyes. Imagine someone to be your lover tonight. Perhaps a celebrity? A workmate? A friend? Don't be shy! These fantasies are yours.


Choose a place

Explore the many wonderful places Radiostim has to offer: lonely beaches, high-class restaurants, boutique hotels... and even space stations! Choose one to virtually meet your imagined lover.


Ready your headphones

The time for your date has finally come! Plug in your very best headphones and let your imagination run wild while Radiostim is playing an endless stream of highly stimulating sex sounds for you. Enjoy!

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Minutes of Sound

Erotic sounds for wonderful, sexual fantasies

Do you have erotic dreams? Do you sometimes imagine what it's like to have sex in an extraordinary place? Or to stumble into an erotic adventure with a gorgeous woman or a hot man? Radiostim lets you dive deeper into your most beautiful erotic fantasies. Here you will find lots of sex sounds, erotic audio of love games and lustful orgasms as sounds. Listen, relax and let your fantasies run wild!

Enjoy the beauty of erotic sounds

Radiostim is audio-only. With us you listen - and don’t watch. Why? The truth is: seeing restricts your freedom because the erotic images and sex scenes you see in porn movies were created by others. Watching porn means consuming sexual fantasies of other people. Erotic sounds instead trigger wonderful sex scenes in your head which come from deep within yourself. And these sexual images belong to you all alone. This is the true beauty of erotic sounds.

Choose from 61 wonderful places

Have you always wanted to know what it feels like to have sex in public? Have you ever imagined what it feels like to watch others have sex? Do you sometimes dream of erotic adventures in completely crazy fantasy places? Radiostim gives you all the freedom to do just that - now and on the spot. Explore our stimulating sex sounds in the most wonderful places you can imagine. How about passionate sex in a library? Or a classic fantasy like sex on the beach? You can also take off and reach for the stars with our erotic sounds on the Space Shuttle. With Radiostim there are no limits to your imagination.

The whole sex is only in your head

You won’t find sex for your eyes with us, neither naked bodies, nor pornographic scenes. Radiostim helps you to unfold your erotic fantasies more than ever before. When you immerse yourself in our sex sounds, you take over the direction. You decide what the people who have sex look like, because you imagine them exactly the way you want them to be. Also, you decide which sexual practices these people prefer because, again, you imagine them the way you want them to be. It is entirely up to you to decide what happens in your mental erotic adventures - and who plays the leading roles.

Be the voyeur, or play the leading role yourself

Do your sexual fantasies revolve around watching others? Then just imagine how you watch hot couples having sex, like a voyeur. Or are you rather a person who imagines herself having sex with close friends, good acquaintances or celebrities? Radiostim also offers you this freedom. Your thoughts are free! You just have to imagine your favorite erotic adventures - and we will provide the right sounds for you.

Enjoy erotic audio wherever you are, whenever you want

Some people use Radiostim at home on their computer. They stream the erotic sounds loudly into their apartment which is pretty cool! Others instead use Radiostim on their mobile devices, e.g. on their way to work, or while sitting comfortably in a café. Have you ever listened to sex sounds while watching other people in the subway or on the street? This is a very stimulating experience. You should try it!

Get Radiostim PREMIUM for even more sensual fun

There are a number of free places available where all sex sounds are freely accessible. You may listen to them as often and as long as you want. With Radiostim PREMIUM however, your fun will be unlimited. Enjoy full access to all erotic sounds, to every single love adventure, every moan and every orgasm. Our PREMIUM access is cheaper than you might think and offers you so much more.

We wish you a lot of fun on Radiostim! Discover our stimulating sex sounds and dive deeper into your sexual fantasies with them.