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Boost Your Sexual Fantasies

Radiostim lets your hottest fantasies run wild. Explore the stimulating sound of sex and share what turns you on.

We are in sneak peek mode right now

Hi, folks! Welcome to our pre-release version of what will soon be the first erotic social sound platform on the internet: Radiostim. While we work hard to bring the beta online we invite you to enjoy our first sounds of sex for free! Click play above and boost your sexual fantasies!

Unleash the power of imagination

Listen to the sound of sex...


...and think of people who turn you on...


...of places where you’d love to have sex...


...or of sexual practices you’re curious about.

Wherever you are, whenever you want.


While relaxing at home...


...taking a walk...


...or hanging out with friends.

Note: This pre-release version is not yet optimized for mobile devices and cellular networks. We recommend using a desktop computer with a high-speed internet connection. Stay up-to-date about the development of Radiostim by subscribing to our dev blog or by following us on twitter and facebook!

Spice up your life with Radiostim

Boost your fantasies

Erotic sounds are highly stimulating. Close your eyes, listen to the sound of sex and experience the power of imagination.

Inspire your love life

Sexual fantasies are the best foreplay. Enjoy the sound of sex together with your lover and experience a night of love you‘ll never forget.

Be free

Have you ever dreamed of sex in a Wild West saloon, a spacecraft or a haunted mansion? With Radiostim everything's possible.

Spark your desires

Good sex starts in your head. Whatever sort of sex you’re crazy about on Radiostim the matching sounds are just one click away.

Connect with others

The heart of Radiostim is its community of like-minded people who share similar sexual preferences. Feel free to join as soon as we're live!

Listen everywhere

Radiostim will be easily accessible on smartphones and tablets. Enjoy the sound of sex wherever you are, whenever you want.

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The story so far

We believe in heartcore rather than hardcore. That's why you will never find any sexually explicit images on our site. We want Radiostim to be all about beautiful adult entertainment. Read our whole story here shortly.